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Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

UBX’s energy monitoring system makes it easy to track, report, and optimize your buildings energy consumption. The unified energy monitoring solution includes all of your buildings assets that consume electricity providing a holistic view of your building or your Smart Portfolio of buildings energy usage. Advanced dashboards and alerts let you monitor in real-time your energy usage, comparing buildings or assets, and take action if performance is outside of your specifications.

Feature 01
Easy To Install And Monitors Everything

The low cost, hassle-free wireless installation saves you time, money, and avoids the need to go through lengthy approval processes. With a large assortment of standard sensors and its state-of-the-art bi-directional wireless LoRaWAN to Modbus and BACnet controller UBX provides unified monitoring of your buildings assets, equipment, and sensors including lights, HVAC, and anything that uses electricity. Most sensors do not need an electrician to install and are simply clamped on the power cable or attached to the wall and are self powered without the need to ever replace a battery.

Feature 02
Advanced Dashboards And Reporting

The system offers real-time and historical dashboards for the most common reports and easy export of sensor data for use in advanced analytics tools. Built-in reports include overall building energy usage, energy usage by asset, and energy use by main load and sub-metering load. With UBX installed in multiple buildings you can easily compare energy across your Smart Portfolio use and optimization to find discrepancies quickly. The comprehensive view of energy consumption can be used to support your KPI goals and meet compliance reporting requirements.

Feature 03
Actionable Alerts

The UBX system’s flexible alert system allows you to set actionable thresholds for sensors and receive automated notifications via email or SMS when alert levels are reached. Integration of smart sensors and automated alerts enables real-time monitoring of critical variables and allows facility managers to pinpoint actual issues such as a failing compressor or an open refrigerator before damage is done.

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Solution Details 

Detail 01
Required Components


  • Wireless LoRaWAN hub with LTE connection to UBX Cloud, Automatically connects with sensors attached to your account, no building IT network connection needed

UBX Energy Monitoring Sensor

  • Self powered, long range, resilient, LoRaWAN wireless enables flexible installation locations including individual assets, sub-panels, and panels

UBX Cloud Service

  • UBX secure Cloud Service provides your window to all sensors, controllers, analytics, and reports within the UBX system and also provides the all the Application Suite tools including EZ Floor Plans, Smart Portfolio, Reporting, Data Visualization, Document Vault, and more
Detail 02
Sensor Options

UBX Energy Monitoring 300A Sensor

  • 16×16 mm up to 300A

UBX Energy Monitoring 400A Sensor

  • 32×32 mm up to 400A

UBX Energy Monitoring 5000A Sensor

  • 105×155 mm up to 5000A
Detail 03
Recommended Solution and Device Pairings


  • Plug-n-play redundant hub seamlessly works with all additional hubs to guarantee coverage within a building

UBX HVAC Control

  • Control the HVAC and ventilation units taking air quality readings into account to improve your occupants comfort

UBX Occupancy Monitoring

  • Expand your Energy Monitoring efforts by including occupancy data to correlate the impact of where people are at in your building and the energy usage readings.

UBX Wireless BACnet and Modbus

  • Monitor energy usage of devices that provide this information directly over the BACnet or Modbus interface
Detail 04
UBX System Overview
  • All UBX systems come with the Application Suite which includes EZ Floor Plans, Portfolio Manager, Reporting, Data Visualization, Document Vault, and more
  • Click here to learn more about the benefits of UBX including plug-n-play installation, wireless monitoring, security features, etc
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