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The Ultimate Turnkey Unified Smart Building Solution: Introducing UBX

The UBX, Unified Smart Building System, is a game-changer in the world of smart building management. It provides a turnkey solution that addresses the shortcomings of traditional systems, streamlining your operations and enhancing efficiency even if you have already deployed a building automation system. UBX provides building owners and facility managers a unified platform to manage energy use, occupant comfort, and building operations.

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Quick, Easy, and Low-cost Installation with UBX

Traditional building automation systems are a major hassle to install. With UBX, installation is quick, easy, and low-cost. UBX uses wireless LoRaWAN plug-and-play hardware (up to 10 years of battery life) with ready to use cloud-based software. This eliminates the need for wiring, saving you time, money, and avoids the need to go through lengthy approval processes.

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Real-Time Monitoring & Management with UBX

Stay on top of your building’s performance with UBX’s real-time monitoring and management capabilities. Our system provides you with real-time data on your building’s equipment, usage patterns, and overall performance. This data can be used to save energy, optimize your building’s operations, and identify potential problems before they become critical failures.

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Insightful Data Visualization with UBX

Data is only as valuable as your ability to understand it. UBX Data Visualization system makes it easy to understand your building’s sensor and control data, even if you’re not a data scientist. The system provides a wide range of Data Visualization options out of the box, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your building’s past and present performance.

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Integrated Asset Manager with UBX

Managing your building’s assets is a critical but time-consuming task and difficult to maintain manually with a large number of assets and their maintenance history. With UBX’s integrated Asset Manager you can manage your building’s assets, collaborate with co-workers, and document their maintenance history, with event log entries for relevant changes related to each asset.

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Resilient Design with UBX

When it comes to building automation, reliability is essential. You need to be able to trust that your system will be up and running, even when things go wrong. UBX is built with resilience in mind, ensuring uninterrupted service and reliable connections to your building’s infrastructure, sensors, and equipment.

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Inherently Secure Building Automation with UBX

Building automation systems are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected, making them a prime target for cyberattacks. UBX is one of the most secure building automation systems on the market. With its air gap, end-to-end encryption, no TCP/IP devices, physically locked hub, and secure cloud application suite, UBX provides the highest level of protection for your building’s data and systems.

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Future-Ready Building Automation with UBX

The future of building automation is wireless. UBX is a leading provider of LoRaWAN-based building automation solutions including bi-directional LoRaWAN <-> BACnet and Modbus monitoring and control devices.

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