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The Ultimate Turnkey Unified Smart Building Solution: Introducing UBX
October 30, 2023

The Ultimate Turnkey Unified Smart Building Solution: Introducing UBX

Are you looking for a way to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your building? The UBX, Unified Smart Building System, is a game-changer in the world of smart building management. It provides a turnkey solution that addresses the shortcomings of traditional systems, streamlining your operations and enhancing efficiency even if you have already deployed a building automation system. UBX provides building owners and facility managers a unified platform to manage energy use, occupant comfort, and building operations. With UBX, you can enhance your existing building management capabilities, achieve energy efficiency goals, and comply with regulatory requirements without the complexities associated with traditional building automation systems.

UBX Solves these problems and more…

  • Monitor the real time and historical health and comfort of your building(s)
  • Monitor the energy consumption (electricity and gas), resource utilization (water), and environmental impacts of your building
  • Manage your HVAC equipment to optimize the system performance and save energy
  • Build a floor plan with your buildings assets, access the supporting technical documents, and track maintenance history
  • Monitor and Map the occupancy and usage patterns of a building
  • Access a buildings history of content (photos, comments, maintenance reports)
  • Create reports that consolidate the information for ESG and other compliance Reporting
  • Optimize and predict maintenance for the equipment across your building(s)
  • Access the complete real time and historical data for all your buildings from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Analyze, visualize, and compare key performance performance indicators (KPI) and gain insights across your portfolio of buildings
  • And more

UBX combines the most important capabilities from Facility Management Solutions (FMS), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems(CMMS), and Building Management Systems(BMS) with capabilities like:

  • Real-time and historical health and comfort monitoring: UBX provides real-time and historical data on your building’s environment, such as, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and occupancy. This data can be used to improve occupant comfort and prevent health problems.
  • Energy consumption monitoring: UBX can track your building’s energy consumption, so you can identify areas where you can save money.
  • Resources utilization monitoring: UBX can track your building’s water and other resource consumption, so you can make informed decisions about conservation.
  • HVAC optimization: UBX can help you optimize your HVAC system to save money and increase occupant comfort.
  • Asset tracking: UBX can help you track your building’s assets, so you can ensure that they are properly maintained.
  • Occupancy and usage mapping: UBX can help you map your building’s occupancy and usage patterns, so you can optimize energy use and space utilization.
  • ESG compliance Reporting: UBX can help you generate reports that demonstrate your building’s compliance with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards as well as Reporting for local regulations and KPI Reporting needs.
  • Maintenance optimization: UBX can help you optimize your maintenance schedule to prevent costly breakdowns.
  • Remote access: UBX can be accessed from anywhere, so you can monitor your building from the comfort of your own home or office.

There are many solutions that solve one or two of these challenges but when it comes to solving all of them, multiple independent systems are used together to meet the building’s complete monitoring, management, and Reporting requirements. This creates a mess of incompatible systems that can’t share data or work together. The combined systems also often introduce complexities in terms of IT and building automation network integration and require software programmers or professional services to operate them effectively.

In June of 2023, Jim Farley, the CEO of Ford Motor Company, highlighted the challenges Ford is facing competing with Tesla. One of the main issues his company is facing is very similar to the challenges that building managers face, he explained. 

“We’ve farmed out the software modules that control the vehicles to our suppliers, because we could bid them against each other…the problem is the software is all written by 150 different companies and they don’t talk to each other…we can’t even understand it all.” (link)

Managing a building is different from operating an automobile and the solutions to the problem will be different, but at the core both face the challenge of needing a unified system to tie all of their operations together and require a solution with the ability to flexibly evolve.

Traditional building automation systems are often complex and difficult to use. They also require multiple systems to be cobbled together to meet the full set of a building manager’s needs. This can lead to inefficiencies and security risks. UBX is the ultimate turnkey unified smart building solution that addresses the shortcomings of traditional systems. It is the perfect way to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and optimize your building’s systems.

To learn more about UBX and how it can help you, please contact our team for a live demonstration or additional information.

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