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Use Cases

Use Cases

UBX is the ultimate turnkey unified smart building system that addresses the shortcomings of traditional building systems. It is the perfect way to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and improve all your building's systems for all users, applications, and industries. Integrate control of your existing building assets with additional sensors to reduce your energy costs, increase your buildings occupants comfort, and save time and money by efficiently managing your facilities.


Campus Facility Manager

Fully manage all dimensions of your building from assets to your tenants comfort with UBX. Gain valuable insight into your buildings energy usage with the ability to make adjustments and observe changes. Monitor your occupants comfort while gaining valuable insights into your equipments health enabling you to implement preventive maintenance plans. Maintain a clear record of your equipments history by collaborating with co-workers using pictures and documents, including automatically generated sensor and controller data entries.

Campus Facility Manager
Energy Service Company
Energy Service Company (ESCO)

Directly manage energy use for multiple buildings across states, counties, and cities with a single tool. Maintain real-time visibility of your all aspects for managed buildings and their assets, build KPI reports comparing performance between buildings and compliance and regulatory reports for your stakeholders. UBX enables you to save time and money optimizing energy efficiency while balancing tenant comfort.

Contract Facilities Manager

Install, commission, and maintain HVAC and other facility based equipment for your customers. Track assets, create preventative maintenance programs, track maintenance programs, improve service call efficiency, and schedule repairs all through a single interface to save time and money while improving your customers loyalty.

Contract Facilities Manager



Create healthy building spaces improving productivity, performance, and well-being. Analysis and control of the environment through comfort, indoor air quality, and occupancy monitoring leads to outcomes from happier occupants to fresher donuts.


Optimize your buildings energy use by combining heating and cooling control with real-time energy use and occupancy monitoring. Manage your buildings or portfolio of buildings controls from a single interface, analyze, compare, and build reports to reduce your energy use and save money.


Improve efficiency of managing your buildings assets with UBX capabilities for tracking and documenting assets, improved regulation compliance, and preventative maintenance. Track your assets more efficiently with the Asset Manager’s group collaboration capabilities.


Put data behind your sustainability efforts and reduce your buildings environmental impact. Use the latest in wireless energy monitoring to track real-time and historical energy usage at the panel, sub-panel, or equipment level and reduce your HVAC energy usage through schedules and the addition of occupancy and comfort monitors. UBX helps ensure your building remains comfortable for the occupants and provides KPI and other sustainability reports.


Implement a preventative maintenance plan with help from UBX’s Application Suite including the Asset Manager and Document Vault which allow for team collaboration and equipment status tracking. Save time with a digital floor plan that guides you exactly where to go to service faulty equipment. Expand the lifespan of your equipment, reduce the risk of breakdowns, and improve efficiency of your maintenance operations.


With UBX businesses of all sizes can implement disaster prevention strategies and protect their assets. Create preventative maintenance strategies backed by the Asset Manager and Document Vault entries to root cause issues before they become costly equipment failures. Monitor refrigeration units to prevent spoilage. Detect gas and water leaks in real-time with instant alerts to prevent equipment and facility damage and create regulatory and compliance reports.

Wireless Building

Turn your existing buildings and its assets into smart buildings with UBX’s breakthrough bi-directional LoRaWAN to Modbus and LoRaWAN to BACnet devices. Easily add wireless control and monitoring of your buildings HVAC, lighting, and other systems. Improve your visibility into all aspects of your buildings including asset management, energy usage, air quality, and leak detection.


Quick Serve 

Increase your energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall guest experience with the turnkey UBX system. Solve these challenges through advanced wireless HVAC control, energy monitoring, leak, and refrigeration monitoring, while managing your building more efficiently with the Asset Manager, compliance Reporting, and analytics capabilities.


Improve the learning environment for your students while reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency. With UBX you can keep your school at the perfect temperature and humidity even during peak hours, identify areas where energy is being wasted, and keep your equipment is good working order with preventative maintenance capabilities.


Improve the value of your property, understand your energy costs, reduce your cost of ownership with the suite of UBX solutions. Improve your tenants satisfaction by providing a comfortable environment, prevent large unexpected costs with temperature management and detection of air quality issues, and build compliance and KPI reports to enable you to meet your sustainability goals.

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