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Ventacity Ventilation Systems

Ventacity Ventilation Systems

Ventacity gives you the power to increase building health, comfort and efficiency with the intelligence that comes from remote monitoring and analysis of your complete HVAC solution. You get the advantages of better performance, lower maintenance and greater operational efficiency and your occupants get the benefits of a healthier and more comfortable environment. Learn more about Ventacity Ventilators at Ventacity.com.

Feature 01
UBX Remote HVAC Management

The UBX Smart Building Platform provides the ability to remotely monitor and analyze your complete HVAC solutions, including Ventacity Ventilation systems, for better performance, lower maintenance costs, and maximum operational efficiency. With UBX you can remotely manage the Ventacity Ventilators and see detailed system performance information in real-time.

Feature 02
Unified Smart Ventilation Solution

Combine your HVAC and Ventacity ventilator systems with real-time sensor data, such as room and building occupancy, real-time weather forecasts, and indoor air quality, to create the highest level of occupant comfort and most efficient energy usage. UBX enables you to accurately meet the latest building codes for occupied CO2 levels by bringing in fresh air only when needed, helping you save costs while improving your occupant comfort and health.

Feature 03
Single Interface For Your Smart Portfolio

Managing modern HVAC and Ventacity ventilator deployments involves controlling multiple systems within a single building and across your portfolio of buildings. UBX enables you to manage all your HVAC and ventilator systems from a single interface, including adjusting settings and defining schedules simultaneously for your entire Smart Portfolio. You can easily shift your view between a single building to a group of buildings including creating reports for your building groups to meet ESG, compliance, and KPI requirements.

Success Stories

Case Study 01
Airport reduces HVAC EUI by 85%
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Case Study 02
Law firm reduced EUI of their HVAC systems by 71%
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Case Study 03
Dormitory lowers harmful CO2 levels
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