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Occupancy Monitoring

Occupancy Monitoring

UBX’s Occupancy Monitoring solution provides valuable insights into how a space is being used, enabling you to make better decisions about space allocation, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort. Using real-time and historical data, you gain insight into how your office floors, dining rooms, and open spaces are being used, giving you visibility into how much space your organization requires and data to drive space optimization strategies. UBX Occupancy Monitoring is ideal for a variety of settings including offices, schools, hospitals, retail stores, and any other facility. By understanding your occupancy requirements you can reduce wasted operating and real-estate costs to save money.

Feature 01
Ease of Installation

UBX uses LoRaWAN wireless, battery powered, stick-and-peel Occupancy sensors to simplify installation; saving you time, money, and avoiding the need to go through lengthy approval processes. Their small size and long range signals that can easily penetrate walls allowing sensors to be deployed in nearly any location and with an up to 10-year battery life, they are maintenance free. After scanning the QR code to securely connect the device to your account the full power of the cloud visualization tools can be accessed at any time and from any device to view the data collected by the occupancy sensor.

Feature 02
Powerful Dynamic Monitoring

Track your buildings occupancy at all times and compare changes over time to identify which of your spaces are being effectively used, and which are not being used. The occupancy sensors are ideal to match times during the day that spaces are heavily used with smart cleaning and smart maintenance efforts. Reduce energy costs and eliminate underutilized spaces by identifying rooms or floors that are not occupied and adjusting your HVAC and lighting schedules to match. Space utilization can also be optimized by assuring that your building has the right number of meeting rooms, huddle, and seating spaces. Combine occupancy sensor results with other data to create occupancy specific KPI reports.

Feature 03
Comprehensive UBX System

The Occupancy Monitoring solution is even more powerful when combined with other UBX solutions. Integration with the Application Suite lets you see the your buildings occupancy in both real-time and historical views to intuitively understand how the spaces in your building are being used. Adding Comfort and IAQ sensors allows you to easily correlate the impact of where people are in your building to air quality readings. HVAC Control allows you to fine tune control for the HVAC and ventilation units by taking air quality readings into account while improving your energy efficiency.

Solution Details

Detail 01
Required Components


  • Wireless LoRaWAN hub with LTE connection to UBX Cloud, Automatically connects with sensors attached to your account, no building IT network connection needed

UBX Occupancy Monitoring Sensor

  • Battery powered, long range, resilient, LoRaWAN wireless enables flexible installation locations

UBX Cloud Service

  • UBX secure Cloud Service provides your window to all sensors, controllers, analytics, and reports within the UBX system and also provides the all the Application Suite tools including EZ Floor Plans, Smart Portfolio, Reporting, Data Visualization, Digital Document Vault, and more
Detail 02
Controller Options

UBX Occupancy Monitoring Basic Sensor 

  • Wide Detection Range includes 80° Horizontal and  55° Vertical
  • Provides Vacant & Occupied sensing based on motion detection
  • Up to 10-year battery life
Detail 03
Recommended Solution and Device Pairings


  • Plug-n-play redundant hub seamlessly works with all additional hubs to guarantee coverage within a building

UBX Comfort and IAQ Sensor

  • Enhance your occupancy monitoring by including air quality readings to identify the direct impact of your occupants on their environment.

UBX HVAC Control

  • Control the HVAC and ventilation units taking occupancy readings into account to improve your occupants comfort

UBX Wireless BACnet and Modbus

  • Monitor energy usage of devices that provide this information directly over the BACnet or Modbus interface
Detail 04
UBX System Overview
  • All UBX systems come with the Application Suite which includes EZ Floor Plans, Portfolio Manager, Reporting, Data Visualization, Digital Document Vault, and more
  • Click here to learn more about the benefits of UBX including plug-n-play installation, wireless monitoring, security features, etc
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